Foray and Farm Dinner at Hufendick Farm Market October 13th

We had so much fun last Saturday, we sold out and had a fantastic meal.

Spencer and chicken

At the shop I just finished processing 50 pounds of maitake into mushroom duxelle, the umami is amazing! Slow cooked and finely ground it’ll be the basis for flavors in soups and sauces, in hand made pasta, and so much more over the next six months.

We’ll come up with an awesome mushroom menu full of earthy flavors, and of course feature naturally raised meats from Hufendick Farm, as well as other local ingredients.

Recent rains and cool nights ensure that we’ll have a great hunt, looking for Hen of the Woods, Chicken Mushroom, Lobster Mushrooms, Oysters, and so much more!

This time we’re having an after hours dinner, and guests are strongly encouraged to bring a bottle of wine. Wine and Cheese by TCC in downtown Plainfield will pair wines with the menu, and they’ll be available for purchase with a 15% discount!

One thought on “Foray and Farm Dinner at Hufendick Farm Market October 13th

  1. Looking forward to in Rob I’ll cross my fingers for Trumpets again and be glad with whatever we find. The food was absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to taste what’s cooked up this round. Extended the information to a friend or two. They were excited to see this in our neck of the woods.

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