extralarge  Known as simply as The Mushroom Guy, or that Chicago Mushroom Man Rob has 28 years experience foraging mushrooms, berries, greens and medicinal herbs. Some of Chicago’s finest restaurants and grocery stores are his customers. His forage territory extends from the driftless region of Wisconsin to Western Michigan,  East to Brown County, Indiana all the way to Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois. Rob can be contacted at robpoe (at)   Email for contact general information, to reserve a spot on a future foray, or to request information about which mushrooms and edible plants are available.

Regina's Stylized Chanterelle


7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello, you wrote, “Dawn came home from a trip to her parents in New Palestine, Indiana this afternoon (about six weeks ago now) with Black Walnuts for Nocino, a bag of Butternuts and a bag of “Sweet” Hickory Nuts (as opposed to Pignut Hickory Nuts)”

    Would Pignut Hickory Nuts not “work” for making liquer? In other words, would it taste vile?

    Thanks !

    • I haven’t tried pignut hickory. They are bitter but I would bet the tannins will age out of the booze, given enough time. Nut liqueurs are really hard to screw up, given enough time to age and mellow everything works.

  2. Hi Rob, I happened across this website (looking up stuff about turkey tail, since my husband took it for 5 years before he succumbed to an aggressive brain tumor,) and I realized I know you! You are at many protests that I come to, often for NLG. So, anyway, I’m getting more and more interested in mushrooms and wonder if you have any forays coming up.
    Sarah Simmons

  3. Hi I have about 8 hen of the woods I picked this afternoon. I also have some honey mushroom but their all mine! Do you know where I could sell these beautiful fungus in Chicago or WI? I’d hate to waste them, or perhaps you could provide me with uses to cook and store them?

    • Hi Stacy,

      Sorry about the delayed response.

      Best bet is to dry them in the sun on window screen, making sure air flow comes from below. Put the pores up, the Hen of the Woods will keep producing vitamin D.

      Honeys are best stored cooked and frozen.


  4. Hello!

    I love everything about mushrooms, but I never actually gone out and venture in the wild to get them. I wanted to ask if maybe a couple of friends and I would could tag along to find mushrooms. We actually live in Pilsen, Chicago IL 🙂

    • Hi Arlette,

      We’ll be planning a spring foray soon, and setting tentative dates for summer and fall forays.

      Best way to contact me is through the Mushroom Man facebook page.

      Thanks, look forward to getting to the woods soon!


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