Off the Beaten Path

Off the Beaten Path

Beginning this spring Chicago Mushroom Man will be featuring interviews with some of the folks that have decided to make mycology, foraging or production as their life’s work.

There are multiple reasons why one would walk this path, some, like L. sulphureus in Oregon have found a passion and have used foraging to continue the passion. Others like Channrith Hing of Cambodia have chosen production of medicinal mushrooms as a means to an end, he runs 13 pre-schools and programs that enrich the local culture and economy for adults.  These folks aren’t mycological rock stars, you’ll find within these stories a passion for the world at large and tales of struggle and supremacy.

The commonality between these people is that they have made, or in some cases making the transition to from the normal economy to one in which they’re they and mother nature are solely responsible for their income generation. They make that transition with empathy and responsibility for the areas they forage or the people that they’ve committed their lives to helping.

Check the drop down menu above to view their stories.

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